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There's a reason for the name "Screaming Pebbles." Screaming, as in “Screaming Fast,” refers to the land speed racing (LSR) bike I’ve started campaigning on the Bonneville Salt Flats. And, in German my last name—at least the way it’s supposed to be spelled—means "pebbles". 

Land speed racing isn't all there is though. In fact, in my mind there’s nothing better than a motorcycle tour, or at least a few hours with the road passing under your feet. On Screaming Pebbles we’ll also share the places we explore, the stuff you’ll need to keep your bike maintained and what you'll likely need to take along for a seamless tour. Occasionally we'll even throw in where we stop along the way for something to eat or a comfortable bed.

In the beginning, many of these trips were solo or had Sue behind me, but in 2017 she decided it was time to make the leap from pillion to pilot. It’s amazing how many things I’d forgotten about learning to ride until I watched her learn what it’s like to be a new rider, and experience the ride from the pilot seat. We'll also try to share what it's like to be a new rider.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate what a difference the right equipment makes on the road and will share some of the products and equipment I’ve come to stock in my garage or pack in my saddlebags. There’s not much room on the bike for anything that doesn’t have a purpose, so I’ll tell you about why I have it, whether or not it has a place in my saddle bags, and what I think about it.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit to Screaming Pebbles.


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