I’ve been riding around Utah and the West for several years. I’ve come to appreciate the smells of an afternoon thundershower on hot asphalt, pine trees, and juniper. Unlike driving through the landscape in a car, on a motorcycle you’re riding in the landscape. You can really experience the temperatures change as you cruise through a canyon or blast through a desert highway. And, there’s nothing quite like watching the sky catch fire as you ride into the sunset.

Until recently, Sue was riding behind me, occasionally bumping into the back of my helmet as she dozed off relaxing to the rhythm of the road. Now she’s experiencing the ride from her own bike and completed her first tour to Jackson, Wyoming last Fall. It’s fun to see a new rider discover what makes motorcycling such an exhilarating experience.

Screaming Pebbles is about our adventures on two wheels (or in Sue’s case three wheels) as we tool around the west and explore what’s over the next hill from the saddle.