A Fall Ride in the Aspens

Although the fall riding season can be pretty short, it’s my favorite time of year to put a few miles on the bike and enjoy the changing of the seasons—even if you don’t have the time to get too far away from home.

My daughter Amanda is going to spend her first autumn in Connecticut this year, so she’ll get to see what autumn is really like, but she won’t get to enjoy blasting up a nearby mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains, like we do here.


With Alta Ski resort only a few minutes away, it’s a quick ride and a easy fix for enjoying the climb up a beautiful canyon and the changing of the season. I stopped at the top of the canyon at the resort to take a photo looking back down the canyon into the beautiful fall colors before heading back down and the ride to home.

For a Friday afternoon, it was a quick enough ride I wasn’t quite ready to call it a day, so I decided to add a ride up to Brighton in Big Cottonwood Canyon to my afternoon.

No matter where you live, this is a great time of year to put a few miles under your feet.

Where did you ride to cap off September?