A Mustang Wide Solo Seat for the Sportster

After a few months of riding on the stock Sportster saddle, it became obvious that it just wasn't going to cut it long term. I spent a lot of time online looking at reviews and researching potential saddles—but finally settled on the Mustang Wide Solo Seat.


There were a number of good options available, but I liked the wider seat to match my geezer butt. I also picked up a fender bib to hide the wear marks where the stock saddle had rubbed the paint—which I think looks pretty good. It definitely changed the look of the bike, but it also improved the quality of the ride for me.

I spent a couple of hours on the saddle's maiden voyage tonight and am very pleased (and so is my behind). It did feel like I was sitting a little taller in the saddle which could be a problem for someone with shorter legs than mine—but is no big deal for me. At 6'1" I'm still plenty tall enough to be flat footed when stopped. I also like how the back of the saddle has a rise to it. I felt very secure and comfortable.


I really like the look of the solo seat and dig the new profile of the bike. To each his or her own to be sure, but I think all the changes I've made look pretty darn good and make her more comfortable and safer to ride. I'm liking the Sporty and very glad to have her in the garage.