Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon: Escape the Heat

After a week in New York it was good to be home and have some time after a day behind the desk to put a little bit of the road under my feet. I decided to ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy the 10 degree drop in temperature and spend an hour or so enjoying a winding canyon road.


I’ve come to really appreciate the Sporty on a short blast up the canyon and today’s ride was no different. The ride up and down Big Cottonwood was enjoyable enough that I decided today would be a good day for a two-fer and decided to finish the ride by adding a quick trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta.

Traffic was light and the road was in good shape.

It’s easy to see the difference in the two canyons and how they were formed. Big Cottonwood being a canyon formed by glaciation and Little Cottonwood formed by river runoff.

IMG_1906 (1).jpg