Isn't Today Feb 1? It Should Be Too Cold to Ride

With afternoon temperatures hovering just below 60 degrees it's hard not to want to put in a little saddle time on the first of February. I stepped into the garage thinking I would continue tearing down the Buell, but the weather was so nice, I decided the Road King and I need to stretch our legs.

Canyon 2.jpg

There's been a lot less snow than usual this year (we've only had one big storm), and most of that snow has already melted. The ski resorts have more than what you see here in the foothills, but snow totals for the year are way down.

The warmer weather and the dry roads make extending the season pretty easy, but unless we see more snow (at least in the mountains), we'll be short of water this coming summer.

I decided to spend an hour on Wasatch Blvd and ride along the east bench for an hour or so. I saw another bike or two on the road so I don't think I was the only one inspired by the warmer weather.

The roads were dry for the most part, and if it wasn't for the little bit of snow along the side of the road, it would have felt like another spring day. I'm of the opinion that anytime you can watch the road under your feet for an hour or so on the first of February, it's a good day.

Working on the Buell can wait until tomorrow.

a stop for pictures.jpg

I stopped for a minute on the southern end of Wasatch to take a couple of photos before dropping down into Draper and the return home.

There's a storm predicted for tomorrow and Saturday that is supposed to drop a skiff of snow down in the valley—which means, if nothing else, it will be wet and cold. Not the best combination for being on a motorcycle.

Riding this time of year requires you to think opportunistically because you have to take advantage of every chance you have to get a little saddle time. If I would have put my bike into storage for the season, I would have missed this beautiful day.


Feb 1 Harley.jpg