Logan Canyon and Mirror Lake Highway

The original plan was another 10 days or so riding through western Canada, but work obligations required me to stay home. Although I wasn't going to be able to join the group for the trip to Canada, I decided to spend the day on the bike and rode to Tremonton with them before I broke off and headed toward Logan and the climb up the canyon.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.54.47 PM.png

Since I couldn't make the trip with them this week, I decided today I would ride as far as Tremonton, head up Logan Canyon and come home via the Mirror Lake Highway. I hadn't done this loop for a couple of seasons, so I was looking forward to the ride. The computer tells me it was 430 miles, but if that's the case, it was the shortest 400+ mile day I think I've ever done. It felt like half that from the saddle.

Logan Canyon is a beautiful road that follows the river up the canyon for much of the way. Because it was a Thursday, traffic was light and I enjoyed the road as I had the lower part of the canyon pretty much to myself. On the weekend, there are a lot more trucks pulling boats to Bear Lake making the canyon pretty congested.

Although I caught up to traffic as I neared the top of the pass, It wasn't a bad ride. Sometimes you just need to be patient and enjoy the ride you have instead of stressing about the ride you wanted.


After you crest the summit of the pass, there's a nice rest area with a great view of the lake. I stopped to enjoy the view for a minute and have a drink in the sunshine before dropping into Garden City and my ride around the south end of the lake.

Traffic wasn't as bad as it will be tomorrow or the rest of the weekend, so I'm glad I decided to take the day for a ride.

Climbing up out of Bear Lake Valley, the Utah Department of Transportation was tarring and graveling the road to Sage Creek Junction so there were a few miles of slow going, but after the junction it was clear sailing all the way to Evanston, Wyoming.


I stopped in Evanston to top off the tank before heading to Mirror Lake and Bald Mountain Pass. The last couple of months I've been keeping track of milage and fuel consumption on the Road King and she's averaging between 37 and 42 MPG—which I don't think is too bad. After my fuel stop I headed south and west for the Mirror Lake Highway.

The ride from Evanston to the border with Utah is great highway as you blast through Wyoming farm land on either side of the road. I could feel the air get a little cooler as I started climbing the pass as I left Bear River Station behind.

I stopped for the obligatory pictures at Bald Mountain Pass before dropping down the valley for the rest of the way into Kamas and home. The ride through the pine trees is beautiful as the road rocks back and forth with the smell of pine and the fresh air.

The closer I got to the Kamas valley the warmer it got. The last hour or so from Kamas to home the thermometer was reading close to 100—and I was feeling it riding over Parleys Summit in the heavier than usual traffic.


I enjoyed the time alone on the bike today. Taking a break from work and spending the day with the road passing under my feet was just what the doctor ordered.