Searching for the Sun Part-1: Salt Lake to Cedar City

Salt Lake to Cedar.png

Although we haven’t had any of the weather they’ve had on the east coast, the cold in December and the inversion in January has made us anxious for spring. A desire to see the sun had us thinking about trailering the bikes down to St. George and then riding into Arizona—but the trailer we were hoping to use was unavailable so Kelly and I decided we’d tough it out and ride south. The weather was supposed to be reasonably good. We’ve ridden in colder weather.

Phil was going to trailer his bikes down to Mesquite so he and Kathy (along with a couple of their kids) could spend a week tooling around California, but when Kathy heard we were riding south, she decided to head down with Kelly and I as far as Cedar City and then meet up with Phil and the trailer.

It was about 33 degrees at Noon when we mounted up for the ride to Cedar, but we were ready and prepared for the cold. That is until Kathy’s trike wouldn’t start. It looked like she would need a new battery. We were able to jump the bike and get it started with the goal to drop by South Valley Harley on the way out of town and get the battery replaced, but it just didn’t have enough juice to get us there. Fortunately, after a phone call, a tech was on his way with a replacement.

Waiting for the tech, Kelly immediately pulled out his tools and we started to take the old battery out. We figured if we had things started the tech would be able to get us on the road quicker. We were right. About 20 minutes after he arrived, we were on the road again. And, because Kathy’s bike had just been in for service, they replaced the battery on warranty. Thanks guys.

Although I’m not a fan of spending all day on the Interstate, we were on the bikes and headed to warmer climes, so it was good. In reality, it was a lot warmer than I had expected. With the exception of some cold toes, I did great. It was amazing how nice it was to be in blue skies.

As we pulled off the Interstate in Cedar City, Kathy continued south to Mesquite. She still had another hour or so in the saddle, but we were going to stay at Kelly’s son’s place for the night and were just minutes away from shedding our motorcycle gear and enjoying a nice dinner.

Tomorrow we will lose the winter riding gear somewhere down the road as we head for Arizona and the sun.