The Sportster is Back Together

I ordered a few parts last week and the last one (the shifter from Harley) came in today. I've been spending a little time the last couple of nights getting the Sporty straightened out so I can "get back on the horse" this weekend. 


I replaced the gouged-up grip on the left side as well as the levers. The clutch lever needed some adjustment anyway, so having it all apart was a good excuse to get the clutch pull dialed in.

I also decided, rather than trying to bend the shifter back into place, I'd just order a new one. It arrived earlier this afternoon and is now installed.

At some point I will probably replace the chrome blinker assembly and the rubber got a little chewed on the bottom of my foot peg, but I feel like they are OK for now. There are some other things I want to do first.

I really like my Drag Specialties grips, so when I was looking for new levers and found a pair of levers made by these guys, I bought them. I wasn't looking for anything fancy (as you can see), I just wanted something functional that looked good. I think they fit the bill.

I also took the opportunity to go through the bike to make sure the throttle and brake levers—like the clutch were all where they needed to be. I figured if I felt a little beat up, the bike probably does too and would appreciate a little extra TLC before going back out on the road.