Biturbo Steering Damper

A steering damper is a required piece of safety equipment for any motorcycle racing out at Bonneville. If you're not familiar with what a steering damper does, it basically acts like a shock absorber for your steering. The guys at MC garage did a nice video explanation of what a steering damper does and whether or not you need one for you bike. For me, it's a requirement to race on the salt flats.

Biturbo damper.jpg

My bike is old enough that I had a hard time finding a damper made to fit. Had I been willing to fabricate the brackets there were a lot of options, but I wanted something with the brackets designed for my bike—at least I wanted to make sure there wasn't one before I seriously considered having brackets fabricated for it.

Scouring the Internet, I found what I was looking for at Omnia Racing. I ordered my steering damper from this Italian company that sells go-fast parts and about a week or so later had my brand new Biturbo steering damper and was ready to install it on the bike.


I had a choice of colors (red or black) and opted for red. I figured if I was going to spend a couple hundred Euros buying the thing, I wanted something that didn't disappear in the black frame of my X1.

Installation was fairly straightforward. The supplied brackets mated to my frame perfectly. I think it took me about 25 or 30 minutes to do it. I haven't had a chance to tune it yet, but fiddling with it on the stand it does appear to dampen the steering motion like it's supposed to.

I'm going through the SCTA rule book and trying to tick off all the stuff I need to do. I've also spoken to one of the guys at the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, who said he'd come out and give me a punch list of things I need to tidy up from a tech inspection perspective. I'll probably try to do that after the first of the year and my dyno test.