A Rookie's Guide to Racing at Bonneville

My desire to build a bike to race at Bonneville has been growing (Sue would say festering) inside me for several years. The thoughts of going out there and racing for the first time is a bit intimidating, but everyone I've met who is actually doing it, has been incredibly friendly and willing to offer advice and share their experience. Everything you hear about the people who race on the salt has been true so far for me—at least so far as the handful of people I've met.

A couple of years back I stumbled upon a great little video put together by Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs and Wes White of Four Aces Cycle as they got an old salt racer put back together and raced in 2010. Salt Ghost: Return of the Nitro Express is a great video if you're interested in this type of thing—which I am.

Malinky's blog post, A Rookie's Guide to Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats, recently showed up on my Facebook news feed, so I had to click through. I liked the post so thought I would share it here. He shared his perspective from riding for the first time and now years later why he keeps going back year after year. I've been following Malinky and Lowbrow for a while, maybe I'll meet him this coming fall when I'm the rookie on the salt.

Who needs a video game when you can do the real thing.