Dyno Done—Teardown Started

With the bike home from her Dyno baseline, she's up on the lift ready to start tearing down the top end.

Looking at the Dyno results, it appears we have a little way to go to make more horsepower for our run on the Salt Flats.


Right now, we're making max horsepower of 68.62 at 6500 RPM and max torque of 69.10—a little lower than I was hoping for, but we now have a starting point and should be able to see big improvements once we're done with this season's projects.

drain the fuel tank.jpg

I was excited to have the bike home and started with an easy project to set up for the rest of the teardown. I started by draining the fuel tank.

remove seat.jpg

Because I need to remove the seat in order to remove the fuel tank, while the tank was draining, I did that.

removing fuel tank cover.jpg

To remove the fuel tank, you need to remove the cover. To do that you need to remove four fasteners and disconnect the fuel line under the petcock.

label parts.jpg

I'm not sure how long the bike will be on the lift, so I wanted to make sure I'd remember where everything goes back together. With that in mind, I started labeling the bags I plan on using to store the smaller parts and fasteners.

fuel tank.jpg

With the cover off, the tank is exposed and ready to come off. To remove the tank at this point, you lift on the rear of the empty tank and slide the front tab on the fuel tank from a corresponding tab on the front of the motorcycle frame.

gas tank removed.jpg

With the tank removed, the fun starts with the next steps. I'll continue to publish photos as the bike goes through the teardown and subsequent new go-fast parts get added.