NHRS Performance Parts

With the cylinders off, the bike is looking a little naked on the lift, so it's time to start working on putting her back together. NHRS Performance has been great to work with. I've talked to Dan on the phone a couple of times and he's been incredibly helpful. First, when I was trying to decide what I needed for this first set of mods and recently I spoke to him about a technical question.

I've never felt like he was in a rush to get me off the phone and was always willing to offer some advice based upon his personal experience racing on the salt. I have absolutely no regrets turning to NRHS for the parts I'm using to build out my bike.

I had originally thought I would just do cams this year, but after talking to Dan he said the stock cams were the right cams for my current Buell top end. He suggested that if I wanted to make a difference in horsepower, I should consider a big bore kit in addition to cams. What he recommended fell within the budget I had for this year, so I went with the 1250 kit.


They also sent me the pistons with the rings gapped and installed—which was one less thing to worry about (which they didn't charge me for).


Cams are Anderson N6 cams with a .500 lift.

The kit also included all the gaskets I'll need for putting this all back together, including the exhaust gaskets which surprised me. I've become a big fan of Cometic with how complete all this was.


My plan is to pick up where I left off last weekend this weekend. I tend to do something, sit, and look at it for a while to think things through before I move on, which takes me longer than a mechanic who has done this before would take. With that said, I don't by any stretch think I'll be done this weekend. I'll be milking several more weeks out of this project.