Save the Salt


Whether or not you’re a land speed racer, you might appreciate the value of unique places like the Bonneville Salt Flats and may want to save it.

As a new racer on the Salt, I experienced the thrill of running my motorcycle down the course for myself the first time last fall. I hope to continue chasing a little extra speed for the foreseeable future as I little-by-little try to make my Buell go a little faster each year.

Unfortunately, if we don’t act quickly, we’ll lose this beautiful and unique place that has been an important part of land speed racing for so many years. I hope you’ll download the attached letter, copy and send a message to the Utah State Legislature, and help keep saving the Bonneville Salt Flats a priority for the State of Utah—whether or not you race there and regardless of whether or not you live in the State of Utah.

Utah EAC SANCTIONS 26FEB2019.jpg
Utah EAC SANCTIONS 26FEB2019-2.jpg
Utah EAC SANCTIONS 26FEB2019-3.jpg