The Top End is Done and the Bike is Put Back Together

Other than some safety stuff and the ThunderJet when it gets here, we're done with the major mods for this year. I spent a couple of hours tonight putting the bike back together and now she looks like a motorcycle again.


Because, with the exception of the tach, I've removed everything else on the dash, I moved the key to where the horn used to mount. I think it works there. I also bundled up the wiring I'm not using. At some point, I'll probably need to just build a new wiring harness with only the essential stuff I need, but for now, I've zip-tied the extra wiring to the frame underneath where the fuel tank will be.


With the fuel tank on the bike, it was now time to put some of the body work back together.


Most of the tank cover goes on pretty easy, but I hated the well nuts on the front of the tank cover. Well nuts aren't my favorite generally, so I decided to replace them with zip ties since I will probably have the tank off and on more frequently than I would a bike that wasn't being purpose built to race on the salt. I don't know if this will be a permanent approach—I'd like to replace the Buell fuel tank with something lower profile down the road anyway.


The big goal for tonight was to get the muffler back on the bike. I had never heard the bike with the SuperTrap packed like it's supposed to be.

I used the scissor lift again as a second set of hands to hold up the muffler while I connected everything. That little lift has turned out to be a pretty handy tool.


If the break-in miles go well (and I have no reason to believe they won't), and the Dyno shows we're making some more horsepower, I'll be very happy with what we've done this year.  With the extra displacement, 10.5:1 compression, the new cams, and fixing the muffler, I have to believe we will make more HPs and be able to have some fun at Bonneville.