Custom Leather Accessories by RJS Leather

On Sue's first tour over Labor Day Weekend, our friends Randy and Tina were part of the group. They both ride two beautiful Indian motorcycles. In addition to keeping their bikes beautifully detailed and maintained, he's used his skill making leather accessories to make these bikes look unique—in fact, I don't think you'll see another Indian that looks quiet like these.


It's hard not to notice the beautiful work he's done on his own bikes and when Sue asked about it, he told her that he also makes custom leather accessories for other bikes too. Sue wanted a small handlebar bag and some grip covers for her bike and Randy offered to create something unique and custom for her trike.

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6185209345838025412 (2).jpg

What he delivered to her was some beautiful custom leather accessories she won't see on anyone else's bike.


She wasn't interested in tassels, but did want some leather on her brake and clutch levers. The matching patter on the grips was a very nice touch.


He also created a couple of very distinctive pieces that carried on the theme to make the bike look very unique.

If you'd like to add some leather accessories to your bike that won't look like something you picked up at the Harley Store, you should contact RJS Leather and have him give you a quote. His Instagram is @rjsleather if you would like to see more of what he's done and contact him to do something for you.