Dri Wash n' Guard Waterless Car Wash

There are a lot of things you need to consider if you're planning to continue riding through the winter. Keeping  your bike clean is one of them. Depending upon where you live and whether or not the Department of Transportation salts or sands the roads to make them drivable in a storm, your bike could pick up dust and road grime that could potential encourage corrosion even if the roads are dry.

Dri Wash was recommended to me by a classic car collector who used this to keep his cars clean. I admit to being a little skeptical when I first purchased it, but I've been very pleased with how clean it gets the bike and the shine it leaves behind on both the paint and the chrome.

The "Pumper" bottle is a great size and has a place in my saddle bags (along with a couple of rags) and cleaning the bike has become an end-of-the-day ritual on most tours. Not only does it give me a chance to make sure my bike is clean, I also get to visually inspect the bike to make sure there aren't any issues that could cause a problem for the next day on the road.

Shiny paint and chrome.jpg

Using Dri Wash is pretty straightforward. Spray the wash on where you want to clean and wash with one of the rags (you need two for this). When the wash dries it will leave a light film you'll want to buff off with the other rag. As I mentioned above, it shines both the painted surfaces and chrome quite well—as you can see in the photo.

Once a year, usually in the fall, I use a carnauba paste wax to get my bike ready for winter riding, but because the shine of the Dri Wash looks so nice I don't typically wax the bike any more than that.

Kelly and I tend to wash the bikes at the end of every day on a tour if it's rained or we've ran through a lot of bugs, but I have other friends who don't. Nevertheless, everyone tends to gather around our bikes to talk about the ride while we're cleaning—along with a little good-natured kidding about being a little obsessive about bike cleanliness.

This is a product I like and has earned a place in the garage as well as in my saddle bags. One bottle lasted me the entire year last year, so I feel like I got my money's worth. And, I don't need to trash hotel towels every time I want to clean the bike.