Handy BOB Motorcycle Lift

I don't know how I got along without this for so long. I had a smaller lift for a while but it wasn't wide enough for the trike so when Paul hadn't sold his, I bought this bad boy from him. I thought I would be OK without using a lift for maintenance on the trike, but it only took a couple of oil changes to realize the bigger lift would be very handy.

I thought the wings might get in the way when working on the Buell or my Road King, but I find I really like the extra table space. 

The Handy Lift is built like a tank and my small air compressor is more than enough to lift any of the bikes. 

  • Capacity: 1500 lbs
  • Work Surface: 84" x 28"
  • Max Height: 40"
  • Min Height: 0"
  • Air Source: 90-100 PSI
  • Ramp Length: 40"

The surface is smooth, which I didn't think I'd like (my smaller lift had been a diamond plate), but it's much easier to clean up and doesn't seem to be slippery at all. I was concerned about nothing. I did shorten a couple of ratchet straps that just stay on the lift to secure the bike while it's on the lift.

Handy Lift 1.jpg

I've put a magnetic parts tray on either side of the lift for keeping track of fasteners and small parts while I'm working on the bikes—which I've found incredibly convenient. The magnets are powerful enough they don't budge.

Before I had a lift I still enjoyed working on my bike, but the lift makes such a difference I find myself more inclined to dive into a project than when I was crawling around on the floor. I can position the bike at a height that's easier to view what I'm working on (my eyes just aren't as good as they used to be) and I don't have to kneel or sit on the floor.

Is it critical you have a lift? No.

Is it incredibly convenient? Yes.

Do I think it's worth buying? Absolutely.

If you don't have a trike you don't need this bad boy (a smaller lift will do), but if you have an ATV or something else along with your motorcycle, this is the ticket for that too.