La Rosa Motorcycle Saddlebag and Drag Specialties Knurled Foot Pegs

There are a number of things I normally carry when I ride, but without any saddlebags, there wasn't much I could carry on the Sporty without a backpack. I put a tool pouch on the front, but there are a few things, like a couple of micro-fiber towels, a tire repair kit, and a water bottle, that I just couldn't carry on the bike without some kind of saddlebag.


The La Rosa Solo Saddlebag looked like a nice quality leather bag that I thought would be just perfect for what I needed—so far, it looks like I made the right choice. It also got a good Revzilla review:

Installation was pretty easy. There are three straps to wrap around the swing arm that thread through the back of the bag. You'll want to make sure the buckle is on the inside—it will make it a little easier to strap the bag on.


I also replaced the foot pegs that got messed up when I went down on the bike a couple of months ago. I like my Drag Specialties grips, so when I saw they made some knurled foot pegs I liked, I decided to give them a try. So far, I think they look good and am happy with the choice.