7" LED Headlights

Five Star LED Headlights

A couple of seasons ago I installed LED headlights on my Road King. The guys I often ride with were all on newer bikes with Harley's Daymaker headlights and mentioned that my light profile was hard to follow because my headlights weren't very bright. With the LEDs I became much more visible on the road and they make it much easier to ride in the dark, so when we added Sue's trike to the garage, I wanted to upgrade her headlights to make her as visible as possible.

When I purchased my headlights I paid about half of what I would have paid for Harley Daymakers, and felt like I got a great deal. When I found Sue's online, they were half again as expensive as mine and they appear to be wonderful headlights. I had them on the bike for a tour up to Jackson, Wy and couldn't be happier with them so far.

Installation was much easier this time around and both the headlights and the driving lights fit perfectly. I think it took about 30 minutes is all to install and they look great.

They make them for several different models, so if you're considering them, make sure to order the set that will fit your bike. 

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LEDs 1.jpg