Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil

How does 93,000 miles and still going strong sound?

I am a fan of Red Line Synthetic. I've put Red Line 20W50 in the oil tank, Shockproof in the Transmission, and Red Line Primary Case oil in the primary in my Road King for the last 70,000 miles and along with a regular oil change, attribute her reliability after all these miles to Red Line.

  1. Red Line 20W50: I know motor oil is something motorcycle geeks like me like to argue about, but I love the results I'm getting with this full synthetic motor oil. I change the fluids every 5,000 miles (sooner if I'm headed out on a big tour for a couple of weeks). I also carry a quart in my saddle bag in case I need to top it off. I pay a little extra for this oil than I would regular motor oil, but I'm getting such great results I can't complain. The stuff does what it's supposed to do and the inside of my motorcycle is all the better for it. 
  2. Red Line Transmission Oil with Shockproof: This stuff is pure gold (I mean pink). My transmission shifts cleaner, finding neutral is easier, and it just flat out feels better since I started running this in my transmission. Plus, if there's a pink leak on the garage floor (which there has never been), I know it's not my motor oil, but the transmission. If you don't want to switch motor oil, this stuff is still worth a try. I started noticing the difference in my transmission right out of the gate. I feel like my transmission thanks me every time we do a change and she gets a fresh tank of this stuff.
  3. Red Line Primary Case Oil: I know that all that really matters is that the clutch plates bathe in something. I have friends who just put a quart of motor oil in the primary and call it good. Nevertheless, I'm so happy with my motor oil and transmission oil that I put this Red Line in my primary every fluid change.

When I originally started buying this stuff I'd buy the Red Line kit displayed above. It was convenient and came with everything I needed—plus a long-neck funnel, a Red Line Hat, and some stickers that found their way onto my tool box. I buy individual bottles of the 20W50, the Shockproof, and Primary Case Oil now and keep a stock on hand enough for two complete fluid changes. When I do an oil change I order more and rotate it on the shelf.

When I got the Buell I started putting the 20W50 in the engine, but the crankcase on the Sportster engine works different than my twin cam or Sue's EVO. The primary and the transmission share the same fluid. I went online to see what Red Line recommended and as a result I've got Lightweight Shockproof in the gear box. So far I feel good about it even though she hasn't run a mile since I started working on her.

As a kid I remember there used to be a Fram Oil Filter TV commercial that suggested, "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later, but you will pay me." As a result I learned the importance of a regular oil and filter change. Although my filter of choice is K&N, regular maintenance combined with fluids designed for my motorcycle, I'm convinced 96,000 miles is only the beginning.

If you've never changed your own oil before, check out this video produced by RevZilla.