Sealight B5 LED Headlight

When Sealight sent me another headlight to review, I wasn't sure what would be different than the first one, but I was pleasantly surprised. The new headlight not only looks cool, it seems to be brighter.


I'm a big fan of LED headlights for a number of reasons including making my bike more visible on the highway as well as making it easier to see on those rare occasions when I'm riding in the dark. I also think they update the look of an older bike—this Sporty is 10 years old.

Installing one of these headlights on a Sportster is a piece of cake—around 5 minutes, tops. The only tool you'll need is a phillips screwdriver—and maybe a pair of scissors if you decide to clip the ends of the headlight gasket to SuperGlue onto the inner ring like I did (that's an extra step you don't have to do).


I did it to ensure the headlight didn't move within the bezel. But it's pretty much an OEM-type fit. I think these guys did their homework when they designed this light.

This headlight is available on Amazon for $69.99 and well worth the additional $10 in my opinion.


For the price, this headlight is pretty hard to beat.