Sealight LED Headlight for the Sportster

When Harley first introduced their LED Daymaker headlights it made a lot of sense to me. They were much brighter than the old headlamps—making it easier to see the bike and easier to see when riding at night. I wanted a set for the Road King, but the price was a bit hard to swallow. I think they were around $800 - $900 dollars for a set at that time.

It didn't take long before I found what I wanted in the aftermarket for about half the price, and when we brought Sue's trike home, I found a nice set of LED headlights for her bike for about half what I paid for mine.

When I added the Sporty and decided it was a keeper, I put an LED headlight on the list of future upgrades—I just hadn't got serious about it yet when Sealight offered a headlight in exchange for a review on the Harley-Davidson Sportster Owners Group I follow on Facebook.


The timing was right—so I offered to do a review of the headlight and a couple of weeks later my package from Sealight arrived. 

Installation was a breeze—all in ... about five minutes. 

Simply remove the screw at the bottom of the headlight bezel and unplug the old light, plug in the new light, replace the bezel and you're ready to go.


I only took one extra step you may or may not want to take. On the OEM headlight there's a rubber gasket that goes around the bottom of the headlight with four rubber arms extending to the inner ring to keep the headlight from vibrating. Because the back of the light on the LED is so much bigger, I couldn't use the gasket the same way, but I could see the logic of the rubber between the light and the inner ring.

Scissors in hand, I clipped six little pieces I could Super Glue onto the ring to get the same effect. Worked like a charm.


When you align the detents on the top of the headlight housing with the inner ring, you'll also notice a notch in the ring to help align the headlight itself in the proper orientation. Although replacing the headlight on the Road King is pretty easy, it's even easier on the Sportster. Honestly, five minutes tops.

I really like the look of the headlight. I think it updated the overall appearance of the Sportster. Like I mentioned above, I'm a real fan of LED headlights and think this looks like a great light for the price. Compared to what I've paid in the past, the $59.99 price on Amazon, kind of blows my mind. 

It looks well made, the installation couldn't have been any easier, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do—really hard to ask for any more.

After I've ridden with it for a while if I experience any issues I'll update the review, but judging from my past experience with these things, I don't expect I will. Sealight claims a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which sounds pretty darn good to me.

I found cheaper LEDs on Amazon which are probably OK, but this one looks like the same build quality of the Harley Daymakers and easily as good as what I have in the Road King. If you've got one of these, feel free to post your experience with them in the comments here.