T-Bags Super-T Touring Travel Bag

The right luggage can really make a difference whether your on the road for an overnight or a week. Since Sue's bike didn't have a tour pack, she was going to need some luggage for her rear rack. I tend to pack the stuff I use all the time like tools, rain gear, gloves, etc., in my saddle bags so we've done the same with the trunk of her bike. Meaning, there wouldn't be room for clothes and personal items if we were heading out for anything more than an overnight.

I've been a fan of T-Bags motorcycle luggage for a while so I started looking there first and found the T-Bags Super-T Touring Travel Bag. Unfortunately, it looks like something that T-Bags has discontinued, but there are other similar bags in the lineup that will likely do the same thing.

This particular bag was a good size for what we wanted, but some of the features of this particular bag that I really like are pretty universal for a number of other similar bags.

The bag slips easily over a sissybar or backrest and comes with easy to use straps to securely fasten the luggage to the rack. Riding behind Sue on her first tour to Alpine, Wyoming, I was paying particular attention to how secure the bag looked on the back of her bike and it didn't look like it was moving at all.

The luggage also made it easy to access smaller items in individual exterior pockets or access the main compartment while it was on the bike. Another nice feature that was included with the bag was the rainfly, although we didn't have any bad weather and didn't need to use it.

She didn't use the included top roll, but she thought it would be handy for day rides, so it's on the rack right now. She wants to try using it for some of the things I normally put in my tour pack when we're on a local ride.

I'd give this bag a "no regrets" rating and would definitely buy it again. It's easy, well made, does exactly what It's meant to do, and looks good doing it.

Top Roll.jpg