TCX Street Ace WP Shoes

I've always been a fan of very traditional-feeling motorcycle boots, but they felt pretty clunky when riding the Sportster, so I decided to try something new.


Revzilla seemed to really like the TCX Street Ace motorcycle shoes—and so far, so do I. I ordered these a few weeks ago, they fit great, look sharp, and look like they should hold up (in other words, they appear to be well made. 

If you're looking for a hard-core motorcycle boot, these aren't what you're looking for. If you're looking for something lighter duty, but still offers more protection than something not designed for riding, these might just fit the bill. I've worn them half a dozen times on rides that include running a quick errand or two to longer rides of about an hour or two. Before I tell you what I think, here's what the guys at Revilla had to say—they convinced me to buy them:

Here's what I like about the shoe:

  • They feel like they offer some pretty good protection
  • The sole is rigid enough that it feels good on the pegs, but the shoes are flexible enough that walking around they don't feel like I'm wearing a ski-boot
  • The fit works for my feet (I often purchase a 10-1/2, but these boots were said to run a little large so I bought a size 10 and they fit me great)
  • I like the color (I got the brown)
  • They don't look like a clunky motorcycle boot walking around off the bike
  • They look great under a pair of jeans
  • They feel well made and I feel like they'll last

I really only have one complaint.


The boots come with a strap that adds some extra material on your shifter toe. It slides over you shoe. I like the idea, but would rather have something more permanent (although I assume they do it this way so it doesn't look like a moto shoe, but that wouldn't bother me) because after only a few rides, the strap on the underside of the shoe started showing wear and likely won't last for many more rides.

Granted, I haven't been wearing these shoes for very long, but at first blush I like them. If my opinion changes over time, I'll update this. For now though, I like the shoe and will continue wearing them over the summer—despite the poorly designed shifter strap.